Mister and I ventured out of the house this morning — my first trip in two days, it required a shower beforehand — to go to Cole Coffee for our constitutional. I had a perfectly poached egg and slice of excellent toast (Acme Sourdough?) with jam. Mister enjoyed his morning bun and cup of fresh ground organic Peruvian, with a ton of cream and sugar. đŸ˜‰ That wasn't enough for me, no. After running a few errands, I made arrangements to meet with my friend Agnes at Crixa Cakes for some quiet reading. And a slice of ginger cake. But before I headed over, I stopped at the Berkeley Farmer's Market for a taquito plate from Flaco's Tacos. It's a vegan taco stand with amazing taquitos (try them with the spicy avocado sauce) and very good black beans.

Agnes and I spent several hours at Crixa before moving on to Cuppa Tea on College. By seven, we were hungry and Mister was stuck at the office. What's a hungry person to do? Uzen. I broke with tradition and had sunomono with tako, followed by tempura and soba noodles. I talked Agnes into trying the aji (Spanish mackerel), which she liked (phew!).

End of the meal, spicy hot chocolate from Bittersweet.


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