Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit

I've been on a food kick that has, thus far, not worked out very well. I joined the Full Belly Farm CSA but frequently don't get through even half the carrots that are in the box let alone the gi-normous head of cabbage sitting in my sink right now. I love the watermelon radishes (scroll down for an inside view) and dinosaur kale and have added the mixed stir fry greens to soup.

Yes, I'm old and fiber is what this body needs. Saturday I set beans out to soak (I'm not having any luck finding the brand online and am too tired to get off the couch, dig through the garbage for it). I cooked them up a little on Saturday, then threw them in the slow cooker on Sunday. The packet said about an hour.

Hah. More like six and the cooker should have been on high. I misread the label where it called for 100g of tomatoes and threw in 1000g. Our friends cooked up some cornbread and we were set. I think a side salad or sauteed spinach would be a nice addition but what a no-fuss delight. Mister even liked it. (I've been forcing the "let's eat better" issue and it doesn't always work out.) Best with a slice of cornbread or crusty French and a dollop of olive oil.

Tomorrow I'll cook down my beautiful Full Belly potatoes and make a potato-cabbage soup.

Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit

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