Socks, the story continues

I don't have a picture of my sock (maybe later this week) but I finished the heel in class on Sunday, then ripped out the ugly 4×4 ribbing I'd done while watching Jaws (no mean feat considering I had never seen Jaws before and it was dark).

I am about three inches in on the cuff and have transitioned to a 2×2 rib. You can get a lot done while having a pedicure, at least, until you fall asleep in the chair.

The socks backburnered the clapotis, but I think I am at the point where I can alternate the projects. At Hudson Bay Cafe on Monday, I saw two claps, one complete and one in progress. Merengue on Ravlery is doing the purl trick rather than use stitch markers. It helped to see how the stitches unravel as I was looking at mine, with the increase rows complete, and wondering how it would work. Can't wait to drop my first stitch!

Socks, the story continues

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