Who won’t cook?

I was pleased with myself the other night as I slipped two cups of red lentils into a pot of boiling water to make curry lentils. The rice cooker was doing its thing as I stirred the lentils from red into creamy yellow. A protein- and fiber-rich lunch!

Alas, it was also flavorless as I did not put in enough salt so eating my lentils and rice while hosting knitting club this week wasn't much fun and now the lentils are in the fridge waiting to be fixed. I've been too lazy to address the lentil issue let alone make anything else. (Seven boiled eggs still waiting to become egg salad.)

Cooking has become laborious, not adventurous around here. What caused the shift? Too many dishes to clean? (Even one dish is too many.) The couch and my knitting calls me more than the kitchen. Maybe I need to burn some sage in there to rejigger the mojo.

Who won’t cook?

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