The Getaway: Part 1

Mister squirreled away dollars for our winter getaway to Manka's Inverness Lodge. We went to Manka's when we got engaged (also arranged by Mister who is the Master of Gifts and Surprises).

You can't get a cell or the Internet at Manka's, and there's no ESPN or HBO on Demand in the cabins. But there is a roaring fireplace and lots of nooks for reading and napping. I finished Terry Prachett's Thud as well as Lisa Lutz's new Curse of the Spellmans.

I napped. Mister and I ate salami and bread from Bovine Bakery (Point Reyes Station). Christmas 2006, Manka's lodge burned to the ground in a catastrophic fire. The lodge was beautiful, with dark wood all around, interesting quotes about food surreptitiously mounted on the walls, and bits of beautiful pewter and silver pieces along the edges. All gone. The dinners were magnificent courses filled with local bounty — cheeses, meyer lemons, Marin honey, crab. Oh, my heart aches. (The lodge remains are behind the log wall.)

Chef, though, continues to work his magic from across the street. Meals are less grand but no less wonderful as they are served in the cabins. He paired cut up and roasted whole chicken with a pinot noir for Mister. Also on the menu, an interesting twist on the Caesar as this salad used clams instead of anchovies.

Manka's uses Heath Ceramics plate ware but it isn't the set you'll find at Coi or The Slanted Door. I think it is the Plaza Line. The dishes were lighter than the usual Heath plates. They bring the meals in with heavy linen napkins that I coveted. (I'm totally down with the idea of knitting some linen dish cloths.)

  1. We had visitors during the day. The people in the cottage next to us brought their dogs who traipsed around. But the real fun was the woodpecker who tore up the tree outside of the cabin. He played peek-a-boo with us, hiding behind the tree if we disturbed his work, but then he'd make his way back around, unable to resist his spot.

The Getaway: Part 1

One thought on “The Getaway: Part 1

  1. Joseph says:

    hey aunt gabby, would you mind emailing so i could ask you a few questions about your stay?….i’m looking at staying at manka’s in the future (possibly manka’s cabin). Thanks!


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