Manka’s Getaway Part 2

Part of the appeal of Inverness is its proximity to Point Reyes Station. We'd live up there in a hot minute if we could work out, well, work. I joke (with a touch of wishful thinking) that we should one day buy the farm where we considered having our wedding (but the $10,000 rental costs that did not include bathrooms or heat was a turn-off) and revision it into something we could operate as a business (a bed and breakfast or a wedding rental with bathrooms or a honey field). Though it is not the very best food you'll ever have, The Pine Cone Diner is worth a stop for breakfast or lunch. Seat yourself, don't mess with the waitresses, don't dawdle over the menu and you'll be fine.
On Saturday, after a breakfast of yogurt and granola, we went for a drive up the coast then headed back into Point Reyes Station. We picked up a round of sourdough from Bovine Bakery and several cheeses, including the Inverness and the St. Pat's (wrapped in nettle, wow!) from Cowgirl Creamery. I know it doesn't go with the homegrown motif, but I couldn't resist the organic strawberries (from San Diego). March strawberries! Luscious. Can't wait for the homegrowns to come to market.
Saturday night we had dinner at Nick's Cove, one of Pat Kuleto's recent additions. The view was lovely as we were lucky to have a deuce right on the water's edge rather than tucked back in the restaurant. The food was fine, but nothing spectacular. I had sauteed Dungeness crab that was not as tender as I would expect it to be. It didn't taste frozen but the meat had the stringy characteristic of frozen. If you don't want to drive far and other places are booked, closed, or you want the view, go. It's pricey for the quality. Oh! And they have tablecloths on all but a few tables — to show off the marble. Totally weird.

Manka’s Getaway Part 2

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