Have Knitting, Will Travel

I caught the 8:10am train to Truckee yesterday (thank you JJ for dropping me at the train station!). I waited patiently in line for my ticket, then noticed the quick ticket system. It didn't work. I lost my place in line. A small complaint about society and human nature: I let people back in line who've done similar things. It doesn't save me that much time to move up one person. But, that favor is generally not returned, and certainly not by the people in line yesterday who moved their fat bags up the line and studiously avoided my eyes.

Once on board, I settled into my seat, pulled out my book, and waited for the train to pull out. Then the conductors came through taking tickets and informed me that I needed to move up two cars to the Truckee car (I was on the Reno car). Three bags and two trips later I was ensconced in my new seat in an open car. Knitting in hand, I set to work on repeats two and three of section 3 of my clapotis. Yes, my friends, it is satisfying to drop the stitch and pull the knitting free. I also worked on my yarn tasting lap blanket; the rounds of Colinette are nearly complete. I have only the last bundle to knit in before switching to Classic Elite. The yarns won't be in order, but somehow the blanket and I will survive.  I do need a larger set of circulars, though. The 32" aren't quite long enough to smoothly handle the blanket.

I left the second sock in its pouch. Alternating between two projects seemed plenty o' distraction for me while shushing along the tracks.

If you've never taken the Zephyr, it's a treat. It runs to Chicago though loads of folks were going only as far as Reno. I don't think sitting in coach would be fun for a Chicago run. While the seats fully recline and you can pull the window curtains shut, you still deal with your neighbors' chit chat, cell phone bleeps and beeps, and food smells.

What a smooth ride.

Have Knitting, Will Travel

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