Top Chef: Judging Absurdity

I caught up with this week's "Block Party" episode of Top Chef.  The first group: Nikki serves a "brick" macaroni and cheese (her second major miss of the season) and Richard's paella isn't paella, yet they won. (They are told that they won by a thin margin.)

Group two comes in for the evisceration. Is it the editing or Tom Colicchio's ego that neglects to mention the narrow loss (the impression given is that the loss is by a landslide). Mushy, flavorless. Interesting that the team seemed to serve dogfood.

This is the part of Top Chef I find silly.

However, the chefs repeatedly talked about how they were cooking for the people in the neighborhood. Hey, I live in a neighborhood, does that mean I want to eat watery salad or a soggy corn dog? No. The arrogance of the chefs to assume serving mediocre food was astonishing.

Bakesale Betty serves fried chicken sandwiches, crisply fried with a sassy slaw (is the slaw as tangy as it was in the old days?) and a flaky, flavorful chicken pot pie. Neighborhood food served well.

Colicchio is a putz at the judging table, but the chefs blew it.

Top Chef: Judging Absurdity

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