An Italian Yarn ** with yarn!

My friend Katy and her husband the Green Grocer recently returned from a 10 (12?) day trip to Italy. They were in Florence for business and then went on to Venice, despite the pooh-poohing from her co-workers. How could you miss the head?

Crazy girl brought me prezzies including a big bag of yarn (photo to come) from Mirko Filati. She brought me four beautiful balls of Patons Polly, which is wool, acrylic, and something else (polyester?) in a fuzzy duck yellow with confetti pieces on it — I smell baby something coming out of this batch. Three balls of Filatura Di Crosa Lollipop, also confetti-ish yarn but it's lime green! And, because it wasn't expensive and packed small, she said, four balls EACH of BBB Filati Teddy in two colorways, a greenish rainbow and an orangish rainbow. Pictures would make this easier and now that Mister has cleared the 600 or so snaps from the camera, I'll shoot some new pictures and pretend like I created a blog I like to write for.

Katy missed this store, she said sadly. Apparently just across the bridge from Beatrice Galli Yarn Shop. Wouldn't you like to buy yarn from your Italian grandmother, too?

An Italian Yarn ** with yarn!

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