T-Rex, Flora, Bar Tartine


We had a few nights out last month. On Wednesday, I craved hot dogs but the Smokehouse on Telegraph makes me queasy sometimes so we, being knuckleheads, went to T-Rex which is never as good as it should be. I had a Fatted Calf hot dog that was more of a sausage than hot dog as well as watery grits. Watery, needed to be eaten with a spoon. Maybe someone likes them like that, but not me. I like bite, firmness to my grits. I'm not asking for a solid mass, but don't give them to me in a glass. Mister had the fried chicken with mashed potatoes, which were tasty. But the chicken was dipped in cornmeal so a little crunchier than I like. And, they serve a half chicken. Come on, really? A half a friend chicken?

It didn't help that we had a bird's eye view of the kitchen from our seats upstairs and could see the cooks tasting the food — fingers and all. Tom Colicchio would be shocked!


On Thursday, Mister came home grumpy so what to do? Yes, go out to eat. 😉 We headed downtown to Flora, the third restaurant from the Dona Tomas folks. It is in Oakland's old floral depot and it is beautiful. They did a nice job on redecorating. The food was lovely and we'd go back but I'm not in a hurry to make it my favorite new spot. Boy, though, the crowds love it. It's packed, all the time.

Bar Tartine

We had meal out with fellow pregnant pair the Fass-Mins. EB is a couple of months ahead of me, but nothing beats swapping stories about ultrasounds, nighttime bathroom trips, and thickening middles. The food is rich, too rich for me, I think. Lots of fat in the mix with heavy meats. Like most good spots, pork belly was on the menu.

T-Rex, Flora, Bar Tartine

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