Mystery Knitting Revealed

I can't say I have much use for a squid-shaped cellphone carrier as my iPhone won't fit into it (a) and it's, well, weird (b).

However, I can say that my first Mystery Knitting Night! with Knit One One was fun and worth the night out. We ran an hour later than expected, which is tough for me as I am perpetually exhausted.

The way the mystery works is that we are given part of the pattern to follow and have to guess what it will be. First person to guess gets a prize. (The correct guess isn't revealed until the very, very end.) Alicia gave me her squid so now I have two to seam and attach eyes to. I'm giving them to my nieces. They are the perfect size for OBs but perhaps no more discrete than simply tucking one into the palm of your hand.

[Note: This mystery night was in May. I'm posting in July. Yes, I am a slacker.]

Mystery Knitting Revealed

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