Stymied by Strollers

Week 24 in my pregnancy and I finally got on the research train. Our friend Katerina has an Orbit system. Wow, I loved it when I saw hers in action, but now that I've looked at it more, I think this might be the one.

Mister has been reviewing the Bugaboo system, which is favored by several dads. (The website is ridiculous — one picture at a time. Someone got crazy with Flash and forgot to make it useful. It is tainting my view of the stroller.)

And then there is the Revolution from Bob, which our friends have for their son, Marcello. The front wheel swivels, it packs well, and is kind of cool. Well, they all are.

Revolution is the cheapest of the bunch, but I like Orbit's 360 swivel. What to do, what to do.

Stymied by Strollers

3 thoughts on “Stymied by Strollers

  1. Get the Revolution. It’s much easier to fold and you can jog with it.
    Also realize that you’re looking at some mighty big strollers, and if you intend to travel at all, you might want to get a lightweight, one-hand fold version like the Inglesina Zippy or a Maclaren to keep on hand.
    ALTHOUGH, have you seen the new Peg Perego Skate? It’s kind of, well, awesome and doesn’t require all those extra attachments that the Orbit system does, plus you can telescope the seat up and down the frame so you can use it as an impromptu high chair if needed. I’m kinda in love – a possible Bugaboo-killer for sure.


  2. auntygabby says:

    I think we’ll end up with two — the revolution and one that holds the baby seat.
    I looked at the skate. what I like about the orbit is that you don’t have to lift the carrier of to swivel it.
    Have you seen the xplory? I think that one might be the killer. (It’s between the xplory and orbit, I think)


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