Candy, Everybody Wants Some

Lentil has been on a few trips this summer – Truckee, New York, camping, and now Ashland. For the second year, my friends and I have traveled here to take a class and attend the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It's a great deal. We get credit (one of two ways a teacher increases her salary) and we get to see plays. Lentil's first theater experience was Othello. Kind of heavy but it kicked all the way through acts four and five which I took as a good sign. Last night we saw Our Town. I've never seen either play live before and enjoyed both, different as they are.

You can stay in hotels in Ashland, but we prefer to rent cottages. You get some control over your meals this way — a little less expensive than the hotel route. Plus, we've met some really nice people as both years the owners have lived on property.

Last night, we returned home after the play. Natalia busted out the caramel ice cream for her second ice cream round of the day. Alicia was enjoying the raspberries we'd bought for her at the Ashland Food Co-op earlier in the day. As a child, Alicia was often denied raspberries because her younger sister, Amanda, would snatch them up before Alicia had a chance to get any. (My older brother and sister would not have tolerated this. I'm sure pummeling and reclaiming the berries would have ensued had I been so bold.)

So there's Alicia, also pregnant (15 weeks), reclining on the sofa with the berries on her belly. She eats them one at a time, selecting the right one for the bite before carefully extracting the berry and bringing it to her mouth. She employs this process when eating anything that involves many in a bowl — popcorn, chips, grapes. It's a very serious system, one not to be trifled with.

Apparently she applies similarly method to eating Nerds. She pours the Nerds onto the table (clean) and sorts them by color. Then, she arranges them from smallest to largest, and eats beginning with the smallest.

I'd love to make fun of this procedure but since I need one of every color, or some kind of symmetry in the candy selection in my hand. For example, if I'm eating Dots, then I prefer to have one each of the orange, green, yellow, and red. If I end up with two yellows and a red, fine because I can eat a yellow, then red, then yellow. If I have one orange, a green, and to reds, I need to either return a red to the box or shake out another orange or green. It's like this for all candy for me.

When I eat sunflower seeds, I take an odd number from the bag and split the number in half minus one. Each half goes into either cheek with the odd one as the starter for eating. Again, peculiar, I know. Yet people have their own eating rituals, even if it means simply grabbing handfuls and stuffing it in their mouths with no regard to what they are eating. It's just that that ritual is gross.

Candy, Everybody Wants Some

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