Easter in August

Lala's first eggs

Originally uploaded by gabbyenoaktown

The Girls started laying this past week though it's not without hiccups. Lala has been laying consistently — tiny blue-green eggs. The other two, Minnie and Izzie, lay larger, brown eggs. Those two, well, we're not quite sure about what's going on with them but we suspect that they are laying from the roost which means the eggs break when they hit the ground. An open egg looks like food so they get snacked on a bit. This part is a big bummer because once a chicken gets a taste for egg, it's a difficult (some say impossible) habit to break.
Either Mister or I checks the coop in the morning, evening, and a couple times a day. The faster we can get the eggs and get them out, the better chance we have to get the girls on a good laying cycle.
I left for a week and a half and came back to the eggs, and three chickens who look like they are teenage girls who went through puberty while mama was on a trip. Feathers are fluffier, chests are puffier, they look bigger. Whoa.

Easter in August

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