McCain Should Come Out and Play

When John McCain announced he was "suspending" his campaign for the financial crisis, I laughed aloud. He wants to hold off on the debate and instead "return to Capitol Hill where he will work with all sides to build a bipartisan solution that protects taxpayers and keeps Americans in their homes."

"I understand how important this debate is, and I'm very hopeful," McCain told CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric earlier Thursday. "But I also have to put the country first." <SFGate. 26 Sep 2008>.

Put the country first? How so? He can't multi-task? What about the town of Oxford, MI? Estimated cost for the debate is $5.5 million. Who will pay that money back? Don't we want to hear what the esteemed gentleman from Arizona has to say?

Oh, and for someone who has suspended his campaign, he's pretty busy:

  • addressed former President Bill Clinton's Global Initiative on the crisis
  • did a round of TV interviews Thursday
  • campaign offices and fundraising – as well as TV spots in many markets – continued on track
  • vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, as well as campaign surrogates, continued to press his message on TV

This is not the first time McCain has ducked a debate. He did the same thing in 2000 against Bush. He threw a hail mary and joined via video, which didn't go so well. My early morning theory is that McCain somehow realizes that he will lose a debate — personality, talking points, lack of whining — to Obama.

How do people take this man seriously? He chooses a pathetically obvious ploy for the female vote, one who doesn't know anything about foreign policy (I'm sorry, she can see Russia from her state), a sketchy history of lies and half-truths (no, I didn't try to get my former brother in law fired, but I can't talk about that), and please, do not call her a feminist. Fancy eyeglasses and assertive talk don't make you a feminist. Now he's using the economic crisis, the one he didn't think existed (and neither did the president) to frighten more constituents into voting for him … but he won't engage in public dialogue?

People, please.

<List from SFGate>

McCain Should Come Out and Play

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