In a Pickle

In August, Aunty Cake's super husband the Green Grocer picked up a flat of superb pickling cukes (organic, of course!) for me to voila into pickles. Aunty Cake had an interest in helping, so the two of us made bread and butter chips as well as dill pickles for hours that day.

If only I could remember from whence the recipe came, but …. we doubled the spices and I advocate for apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar** because it adds a sweet tartness conducive to bread and butter chips. The chips themselves came out crisp and delicious. Merry Christmas. 🙂

The dill pickles, on the other hand, need tinkering. More dill though we doubled the dill and garlic allotment from the recipe. We snipped off the tips of the pickles to help with soaking and we blanched the garlic so it wouldn't turn a nasty color but ooh, dills are tricky bastards. The finished pickles aren't as crisp as I'd like and the vinegar is a little painful to the palette. I'll try again next summer. Ideas for fixing the buggers: halving the pickles; bigger jars (half gallon instead of quart); more dill; blend the vinegar. We'll see.

Mmmm… I can smell my Bakesale Betty chicken pot pie nearing readiness.

**White vinegar in the wash will brighten your clothes and should eliminate the need for dryer sheets. Okay for white or color washes.

Also good for diaper pails: add a little white vinegar and water to the bucket to help control odor and staining. Dump the whole thing in the wash and do one spin before adding detergent.

In a Pickle

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