Tiny Hats for Teeny Twins

In July, I traveled to Ashland with a few friends to take a USD class in teaching drama. We did the same class last year, which allows us to see five plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and discuss them. It's not the most amazing class you'll ever take, but worth the money (3 units!).

Ashland is also home to The Web-Sters, a fabulous yarn store with an amazing array of beautiful yarns housed in a not-too-crowded space so you can actually find stuff without sticking your bottom in someone else's face. This year, I picked up yarn for Debbie Bliss's Hooded Carrying Bag as I prepared for the Lentil's arrival. (Thanks to carpal tunnel syndrome I'm knitting considerably less.)

I also picked up some Debblie Bliss Alpaca Silk and Manos del Uruguay DK to make two slip stitch hats (pattern is from The Web-Sters) for the Footles twins. I didn't want the hats to be exactly alike, but related, much like the soon to arrive identical twins. So, I switched the yarn on the second hat and gave each girl her own topper.

Tiny Hats for Teeny Twins

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