Prop 8 Denies Civil Rights

I crashed out for my usual two hour nap this afternoon. Maybe it was a little less. The clocks all have different times going thanks to "auto updates" conflicting with Daylight Savings.

We've been inundated with election day calls (too bad these auto-dialing fuckers don't know I voted already) including today's winner. Someone who's name went by too fast (and the number was unlisted) but claimed to have worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called to ask for my support for Prop. 8. Um, no, that doesn't work for me.

We've donated to the No on Prop. 8 group and are proudly driving with a bumper sticker on the car and a have a sign in the window. You cannot simultaneously be for civil rights, let alone invoke the name of a great civil rights leader, and be for a constitutional amendment that denies a group of people their civil rights. Really, what do these people (yes, I said "these people") think will happen to marriage if Prop 8 fails? Will marriages begin failing left and right? Will the Apocalypse come early? Will the world flood? I doubt it.

What happens if prop 8 passes? Then California will deny civil rights to a group of people out of fear. It's like we've gone back to the Jim Crow days and said you're equal, but only kind of. Shame on us if this happens.

Prop 8 Denies Civil Rights

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