Puff: Magic Cankles

I have ankles, really, I do. However, my ankles ballooned in the seventh month of pregnancy when school started and I was on my feet all day. They returned to a reasonable state when I went on leave because I elevated them constantly and drank more fluids.

CanklesPost-baby, though, the cankle has returned with a vengeance. Pitocin makes you swell. (I tried to avoid pitocin but the birth is for another post). Just look at these beauties. Evmy toes are huge, ankles are huge. Even my calves are puffed up. I swear I can feel water sloshing in my feet.

When I shaved my legs yesterday, I had a most perfect shave because any definition or contours in my legs are gone. No, I can't bend my toes back. Flex? Not really. Painful? You betcha.

Puff: Magic Cankles

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