Juniper’s Bunny Beanie

Juniper's Bunny Beanie

Originally uploaded by gabbyenoaktown

Pregnancy affects so many different parts of our bodies that it sometimes felt like my body was completely breaking apart in the last weeks of my pregnacy.
I stopped knitting with any regularity. After a few rows, my right hand cramped up. It wasn't just knitting that was problematic; writing with a pen is still painful and my right thumb is only now having any return of feeling. (Typing and hitting the space bar is uncomfortable.)
I have two projects started for Lentil that are unfinished. All others are shelved until they are done. I was able to complete this bunny beanie, a hat that will not fit her for a few months and for which there is no need as the weather continues to not be fall-ish.
The pattern is from Noe Knit and is in alpaca and mohair. 🙂

Juniper’s Bunny Beanie

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