When I was in my seventh month, I visited my neighbor who kindly gave me several gossip magazines including Us (I want to know why Janice Min is obsessed with Spencer and Heidi from The Hills. Us seems singularly responsible for their continued place in tabloids. Feh.). In the stack was the issue "detailing" how the stars lose their baby weight. Hmmm. I might lose more weight, too, if I had someone cooking my food and helping me work out in my home.

Then again, I started at a higher weight than I'd like to be so I have further to go to get to a good weight.

What blew my mind was how much water I had to shed. My feet were melons and my legs were swollen like tree limbs in a river. I could fit into one pair of shoes, size 11, but they were painful to put on.

Then I started to pee. And pee. And pee.

I've peed away about 25 pounds since giving birth. Whoa. Unfortunately, all those flushes haven't helped tighten up my stomach at all. It is alarming to see what wasn't a taut piece of flesh to begin with morph into pizza dough. At least I can hide it under some of my clothes.


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