Sick as a Dog

We went from being congested to me running a fever of 101.3 yesterday with aches in my teeth. I caved and took Advil in the evening and again in the middle of the night, right before I sobbed in bed.
I woke up listening to Lentil make mewing and grousing sounds. My sore throat felt like someone had poured sand down it. After Lentil had nursed and was fussing back to sleep, Mister turned the humidifier back on, which eased my throat over time and made breathing easier for Lentil and me.
But before the mist could do its trick, I was achy and sad and cried and cried. Mister suggested either I sleep in Lentil's room or they go so she wouldn't wake me. In my crappy, addled state I felt like a failure as a mother. One of the side effects of getting sick is your milk production can slow making feeding more difficult or at least stressful. Here I was, lying in bed and unable to comfort my child.
Yes, yes I know I'm a good mama and we'll be fine but there is little solace to be found in the wee hours of the night when your child is unhappy.
Today I am without a fever, it seems, but developing a painful cough. I caved again and took Robitussin DM after reading several different articles and posts. Which doctor should I have called to check on the medicine's safety? My OB? a GP? Lentil's pediatrician? (I called the last but hung up frustrated by the labyrinthine phone system, my first complaint about the office.)
Four days in and I need to get on the mend. She's asleep and I'm not hacking.

Sick as a Dog

One thought on “Sick as a Dog

  1. noseycow says:

    The benefits of having a happy painfee mum far outway the minor risk of baby getting second hand meds via your breast milk.
    So if you are ill and need medication take it and don’t feel guilty.
    Sounds like you are a fab Mum and babe is lucky to have you. 😀


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