A Little Romance

Mister is the champion planner and romantic gift-giver in our house. I am the "I wish I'd thought of that" of the two of us. While he plans his gifts for months, I scramble at the last minute to find something wonderful for him.
I got a jump on Valentine's Day, a holiday I generally ignore, thanks to Leafcutter Designs World's Smallest Postal Service, which I found via Something's Hiding in Here (which I found via Craftzine:blog). I added "Answer to a Child's Question" from Samuel Taylor Coleridge which I found on Poets.org (much easier than thumbing through one of my books which are in storage anyway since the office was converted into the baby's room).
The ordering process is a little confusing. Don't be me and miss scrolling the entire page for the fields where you enter the info for your letter. I ordered my letter this afternoon, thought about how my letter would be written, and went back and read the entire page. Fill in the form — To/From, etc. You have a 120 word limit for the note. My poem, with attribution, fetched 106 words leaving enough for my salutation and closing. 🙂

A Little Romance

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