Pickled Origami Sweater

When I finished the two front halves of Lentil's Kimono Sweater , I realized I'd made some mistake because the right front panel was about IMG_1748half an inch shorter than the left side. Given that I am not a good gauge watcher (for a long time I knit to gauge no matter what but now I think I knit tightly, or maybe loosely, who knows) I should not have been surprised. Irked, but not surprised.

I knit up the back panel to see what would happen and lo, I found the error. I frogged the panel down to the row before the decreases which revealed not only had I not knit far enough above the garter border (in espresso), but when I did the decrease, I read "Row 1: K1, SSK, yo, SSK, K to end. Row 2: Purl to last 5 sts. SSP, P1 K2" as K2Tog. Oh, that changes things, doesn't it? I also got fancy and tried a different way to do the SSK so on the whole, the panel looked, well, weird. No nice firm ridges.

Ah, the problem is fixed and as soon as I am done typing this bit, I will be performing the three needle bind-off to seam the shoulders and back. I'd love to have this sweater done tonight. It's possible since Lentil is already asleep. Methinks we missed a nap today. Woe is me in the morning.

Pickled Origami Sweater

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