Elephant, We’re Glad We Knew Ya

Elephant Pharm had a sort of cult following: folks loved it for its blend of herbal, organic, western medicine. What other pharmacy had drop in yoga? Massage therapy? (Pharmaca but it feels corporate htough the pharamcist at my local outlet is really great.)
I started shopping at Elephant last year when I was looking for herbal supplements during my pregnancy. (It has always been out of my orbit.) Lentil and I trekked to Elephant yesterday in search of a sun hat for her. I was pleasantly surprised by Elephant's fantastic children's section – clothes, sunscreen, books, toys. I even joined its shopper club.
The company shuttered all its locations today. Bam. I'd noticed a dwindling supply of goods on the shelves, but I don't think people expected this. The CEO said the downturn in the economy forced the closures.

Elephant, We’re Glad We Knew Ya

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