Chicken and Soup

Lentil and I went out today intending to do some grocery shopping. After a stop at The Gardener on Fourth Street (a shop that is no longer for gardeners or people who have gardens) to return a book, we strolled down towards Peet's. Little girl sacked out hard so I worked on her sweater. I reknit the right panel and seamed the three pieces together last night. I also started on the sleeves. The directions say to pick up 48 stitches between the shoulder and markers (5.5 inches down the side), which I did. I've been knitting htem in the round but upon further reading adn rereading, I realize this wasn't the designers plan. Oh well. My bigger concern is that I'm running out of Blue Sky Dyed Cotton in Pickle. I will probably rip the hat I knit to go with it (the hat was the gauge check that didn't work out) to reuse the yarn for the second sleeve. Oops.

I digress.

We picked up a three pound chicken from Cafe Rouge. Three pounds is a perfect size for a chicken, especially for two people. We added two goat merguez and two garlic sausages. I planned to roast the chicken and make stracciatella, or little rags soup, from last month's Sunset magazine.

The chicken was lovely though I chopped the neck off the chicken before washing it, patting it dry, and salting it. (The preparation is from Bouchon.) It was a little dry tonight, perhaps owing to my exiting the kitchen to nurse Lentil. We haven't worked out the whole cooking, nursing, night-time, eating thing.

The soup was fine and worth doing again with improved cheese. The recipe calls for Parmesan — I'm not sure what I used — which is mixed with semolina and egg to form the "rags." My rags looked like boy's underwear after meeting with a pitbull. More total destruction than rags. It also begs for salt. I liked the broccoli rabe but Mister finds it too bitter. I might try broccolini next time to find middle ground for us. It is a soup worth making again because it was a reasonable side (startch and vegetable) to the meat.

Chicken and Soup

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