Questionable Selections for Darn Good Dinner

Mister and I need more fish in our diet. I've been trying to have us eat some kind of fish meal once a week (it should be twice … baby steps). Tonight, we had skate. I pulled this skate, brown butter, capers and honey recipe from Mark Bittman's NYTimes column. (Atlantic skate is on Seafood Watch's Avoid list, a list I normally use but I picked up the fish … oy. Black sea bass is a good alternative (and is on the good alternative list).
Our friend Emma came for dinner, early enough to sit with Lentil before we took her off to bed. I intended to do the cooking, but instead put Emma on salad duty and Mister to the fish. Delicious. The honey contrasted nicely with the capers, salty tang in nutty (brown butter) sweet. The skate was moist but crisped up nicely on the edges. It was an easy dish, according to Mister, and will likely go into our evening favorites rotation.
Dessert? Cupcakes from Love at First Bite in North Berkeley. Um, three of us ate five cupcakes. I was responsible for 1.5 of them. My pick for the night? The PB Affair, "devil's food chocolate
cake frosted with peanut butter buttercream, topped with
Reese's peanut buttercup." Cakey goodness.

The menu:

  • Skate, brown butter, capers, and honey
  • Near East Rice Pilaf (brown rice was on the menu but was tossed due to my not getting it going in time)
  • Salad of red butter lettuce, English cucumber (shipped from Mexico), and baby turnips
Questionable Selections for Darn Good Dinner

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