Wrapping Up the Kimono

Lentil's kimono is nearly done. I'm working on the final seaming and attaching of i-cords. The instructions were fairly easy with a couple moments of fog.

First moment of confusion: pick up stitches from the shoulder down the sides. I picked these up in the round as it was not clear whether they were in the round or flat. Round made more sense so I knit them in the round. Ta-da!

The second:


Lightly block sweater. Sew
side/sleeve seam from cuff to 3 1/2"(4, 4 1/2)" above cast on. Firmly
sew one tie to each front edge were garter-eyelet band begins, and to
side where seam ends."

That's it? I roamed through multiple Ravelers's blog posts looking for clarity since the image on the pattern page offered none. When I finally figured it out, it was because Obsessed with Knitting's image showed the untied sweater. Thanks!

Wrapping Up the Kimono

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