Oh Yeah Ono, No Tuna Tonight

IMG_1809Mister has a tuna recipe from Mark Bittman that has become one of our weeknight staples. The sesame-crusted with soy, butter, and ginger is a quick and flavorful dish that we put together with Massa Organics brown rice, a rice that is tender with a bit of bite and nuttiness. 
Tonight, I added steamed asparagus with meyer lemon juice, not fancy but quick to do, which was necessary as I was making granola and a salad while Mister was finishing the fish. 

Bittman calls for "a firm white fish, sea bass to red snapper or grouper." I thought Mister usually chose tuna, which I'm not eating since I'm breast-feeding (and rarely eat anyway). The ono and the yellowtail both looked lovely but I went with the ono because it looked beautiful and firm (and is a "good alternative" on the Monterey Bay Aquarium's seafood watch list).The ono was perfect. It came out moist but firm and stood up to the ginger sauce. We both felt our healthy dinner did us well tonight. (We're also out of ice cream so on to clementines for dessert.)

Oh Yeah Ono, No Tuna Tonight

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