Tasty Scarf

IMG_5867Last January (I think), I attended my first yarn tasting at Article Pract, one of my local yarn stores, but probably my favorite. Yarn tastings are arranged monthly either by a brand (Colinette or Be Sweet) or by a fiber (cashmere or non-wool).  I don't knit particularly fast, especially not compared to some of the  folks (primarily women) who attend the yarn tastings, so I usually play around with only a couple of the yarns. The little boxy thing on the right is a hat made from (I think) a Special Knobby ball which is made of the leftover bits of Magic Balls. I whipped it up hoping to have a baby for it one day, but thinking I'd give it to someone else in the meantime. I held on to it. It never really fit Lentil's head. I may frog it and redo it with a little bit of something else to make it bigger (the pattern says one ball is enough for this hat, but it isn't, really.) I love Be Sweet yarns, both in color and texture and in purpose. The yarns are made at a women's collective in South Africa and imported. The stuff ain't cheap, especially if you buy finished Be Sweet products, but they are beautiful. Mister bought a scarf "for Lentil" for Christmas, but it was really for me (a workaround to our imposed Christmas spending caps).

Christina Stork, Article Pract's owner and recent duck-mama, packs up somewhere between six and eight packets of yarn for a tasting. Yarn Tasting Blanket x3The ones here are from the Classic Elite tasting, which was a mega-tasting with packets for days. I cast on with Colinette yarns, moved to Be Sweet, then tackled the Classic Elites.

My idea to make a blanket is not original. Several others had finished one or were working on their own. I didn't make any measurements. I used size 9 Addi circulars and went. Some of the yarns, like Rowan Kidsilk Haze, I doubled up because I was feeling lazy and didn't want to knit five rows of filmy stuff. (I did with the Be Sweet mohair … the bright green-yellow strip on the blanket.)

Christina put Habu in two tastings — the cashmere and the non-wool. I doubled and held together the cashmere and the bamboo (both knit on 0-2) which didn't work out well. The yarns, which one?, knotted up and so did I. I snipped the Habu and ended the scarf with Classic Elite Lush (yum).

 Because I'd cast on so many stitches, the blanket became a scarf. I didn't make some of the summer tastings and then couldn't knit towards the end of my pregnancy. I love the scarf and so does Lentil. She likes to grab bits and feel the different textures. This last bit might be mama ascribing fiber genius to her 13-week old.

Tasty Scarf

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