So That’s How It’s Done!?!

Learning new breastfeeding positions from books can be done, I’m sure, but there are nuances my book neglected to mention.
For example, you will fall asleep while nursing at most anytime because you are tired. All of my mama friends joked about waking up in a chair with Brest Friend and baby strapped to them. Mister has found me a few times, mid-afternoon, head back, mouth open with Lentil curled round me.
Generally I wake slowly, aware of my surroundings. The other day, however, I was startled awake and then further shocked into being awake by the baby hanging from me. I considered the consequences of leaping from my chair and hurling the baby (this did not happen), had a mild panic attack, then calmed down.
I *always* fall asleep when nursing in bed in the side-lying pose. Lentil conks out but sort of suckles in her sleep while I curl around her. I wake up often with a sore hip and fear of smothering Lentil with the blankets.
Yeah, so I asked my mom’s group how they managed blankets in bed and was told, in chorus, “wear a sweater, blankets at waist.” duh. Neither the book nor lactation consultant mentioned this, and I did not know to ask when we were learning. Sigh.
Tip two from the LC, roll up a blanket and use it to prop baby on its side. This helps keep baby in position without causing mama’s shoulder to cramp.

So That’s How It’s Done!?!

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