Things I Love

Susan Gibbs at Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm instituted a weekly "Probably Something You Would Like" post that features a handful of links to things that caught her eye during the week. I love this idea. So.

Nom nom nom
I'm not sure which video makes me giggle more, the munching guinea pigs or the boogie woogie hedgehog. You decide. (Note: I'd like a hedgehog but between Lentil and The Girls, Mister put the kibosh on the idea.)

An alternative to tea
Breastfeeding mamas who sip magic milk-making tea have an alternative. Oatmeal raisin cookies that are full of fiber and aid lactation. I'll skip the raisins, thanks.

Craigslist Missed Connections: Look and Learn
This is a couple of weeks old but still worth a gander. Bethany spotted a "cool French dude" on the metro and wanted to find him again. Voila. Courtesy The Paris Blog.

Sigh. Habit is lovely. Blips of text that sublimely summarize a feeling, a moment, a day.

This little hedgehog is no longer available but still cute as pie. Also gone, but hell, I'd like to whip one of these little cocoons up for the next Lentil. (Mister notes that it helps to have a baby that is super cute.) Low rocking chair, custom made. Delicious.


The next wave of mixing. The videos are sampled from youtube videos. The one selected is sampled from a woman singing a capella while holding her baby. Another mix blends freestyle, some thick drums, a little stand up base. Voila.

Should you happen by and read this and have something you love, let me know.

Things I Love

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