Something You Might Like

Aunty Cake, and I made pickles in August. The dills were, well, less than okay. They lacked snap and the essence of dillness. (The butter pickles, on the other hand, were fabulous!) I caught a bit of Alton Brown's "Good Eats" on FoodTV talking about pickles. They looked pretty good so next time, I will try his recipe.  

Did you miss Bon Appetit's Blog Envy list of great recipes from bloggers? I've made a few, including the giant pancake, but what I've wanted to make is this chocolate sauce. Oh my.

Urban Farms
Check out the sweet pictures of Orla at Ghost Town Farm in Oakland. Orla's one of Ghost Town's goats and is on her way to being a mama for the first time. Her horns were sheared off last year, something that not all farmers would do. Discuss.

The fall of this top is graceful and lovely. If you get Interweave Knits newsletter, you probably saw the many ways to wear the petal halter. It's all good.

I collect rocks. Nothing fancy, just rocks that catch my eye. I've been doing it forever. Everyone needs a rock will make you want to collect rocks, or at least hold one in your hand and stop and think, too.

We like to listen to eclectic mixes of music with Lentil and occasionally indulge in videos. This adaption of Feist's "1,2,3,4" for Sesame Street is a household favorite.

Mighty Junior posted Marge the Jack Rabbit from LookWhatICanDo, one of my Etsy favorites. There will come a day when I buy one of the rabbits for Lentil. It might be Marge.

Should you happen by and read this and have something you love, let me know.

(Susan Gibbs at Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm
instituted a weekly "Probably Something You Would Like" post that
features a handful of links to things that caught her eye during the
week. I love this idea.)

Something You Might Like

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