Try to Not Make Yourself Crazy

A few things one is not told regarding having a baby and breastfeeding:

  • You will dry off after a shower. And then you will dry off again because you will leak milk during said drying off period.
  • If you pump and the milk goes unused, you will be angry. You will be resentful.
  • You will actually want to wear nursing bras because regular bras are a pain in the neck if you have to nurse while wearing one.

Advice on books and on receiving advice (yes, I recognize the irony of this section):

  • Be circumspect.
  • Read, skim, put the book down. 
  • Smile and nod.
  • Listen to your inner voice and your baby. I think this is most difficult to do because every day someone, some fool idiot well meaning yap will either ask or say something to you that will set you off on a worry train.
(Things I hear:
Lentil looks serious "ooh, so serious." She "looks healthy," a euphemism for chunky (ooh, and she is deliciously so). "She's so quiet." Yes, she is. She's an observer who saves her babbling for home. While these comments are likely not meant to put me on the defensive, they do. Please, people, just say the baby is cute and let it go at that.)

A word on sleeping through the night:

  • If your baby isn't, don't freak out. Lots of babies don't. Lots do, lots don't.

A bit about eating and exercise:

  • Eat more veggies. Your butt and your cholesterol levels will thank you later.
  • Go outside. Go for walks. Go to museums.
  • Buy a DVD of something and use it. That way you won't feel guilty when your 10 class pass has only two classes punched on it two months after you bought the darn thing. 

What to do while breastfeeding:

  • Read the New Yorker or some other magazine that can be folded and propped under the baby's butt.
  • Read books on your iPhone (easier to hold than a regular book).
  • Stare out the window.
  • Sing.
  • Think about cleaning your baby's ears.
  • Consider why the first two are the best suggestions.

Try to Not Make Yourself Crazy

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