Welcome Home

So much of my pregnancy was shared with Mister. Granted, he couldn't understand everything I experienced, but he could see my body change, could feel the baby kick, could be shoved away as I lay in a sweaty, cranky mass in bed.
What would it be like to spend your entire pregnancy and even the the birth alone (or away from your partner)? It wasn't until after having Lentil that I truly appreciated this idea. Today I came across this picture from the Chronicle/SFGate's Day in Pictures.

Hunter3 "Permission to come aboard: Mandy Watrous holds up one-month-old
Hunter for her husband Petty Officer First Class Andrew Watrous to see
for the first time as the guided missile destroyer USS Roosevelt
returns to Florida after a seven-month deployment."

Seven month deployment means she was about three months pregnant when he left. To miss out on so much. Mister is sad when he's gone for a day. I have a renewed sense of awe for all that our military sacrifices – big and small.

Welcome Home

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