Meet my new acronym: SAHM

Mister and I decided that we could make it work if I stayed home from work to be with Lentil. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to stay home with my children, a position that surprised (shocked!) several friends who thought my feminist ways precluded being a stay at home mother.

I explain it this way: teaching takes a lot of emotional energy. For some teachers perhaps more than for others. Truthfully, I want to stay home with my kids. I want to feed them. I want to take them to the park. I'd like to be at home when they are in elementary school, at least in the second half of the day when they are home. I'd like to drop them off at dance class or friend's homes or wherever (note: wherever is less random then it appears).

It is an indulgence, though, which is why I often talk about teaching and parenting not mixing for me. The Northwest Mommy also used the "I" word when she emailed me back about birthdays, crafting, and staying at home. She has a one-year-old and almost-four-year-old. The Northwest Mommy was a social worker, another high-emotional-impact profession. Staying at home is great for the kids, but in some ways, it's more for the mothers (though we say it's for the kids). We get the benefit of watching them grow and change. (Lentil, for example, is frustrated by her inability to flip from front to back. She's amazing to watch as she scoots and tries to get there. Right now, she's sleeping on her side. Yikes.)

I already feel oddly disconnected from some of my friends because I don't have the point of references we had before. Also, I am aware that there are those who may think it unnecessary or backwards that I stay home. But I've been surprised by home many people say good for you when I tell them I'm staying home. I suspect that in this very busy world of ours, carving out space for your family in which that becomes your full focus is seen not as indulgent but maybe even a little bit smart.

I haven't worked out timing issues (Lentil's naps), but I have a couple of out of the house things that I'll work on while I'm here.

In the meantime, I have some scones to bake.

Meet my new acronym: SAHM

2 thoughts on “Meet my new acronym: SAHM

  1. Elisa says:

    What a wonderful indulgence you have chosen. I can think of worse ones for sure. I would trade anything if I could stay at home with “I”. My work used to define who I am, but now seems a bit hollow in comparison to my other role as mother. I believe that time with our children goes by so quickly that if you don’t carve out that family time you will look back and think… what did I miss out on?


  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement.
    I bet your mom’s group had the same “identity” discussion mine did. I’m a teacher, yes, but Lentil changes how I view myself and the world. We were playing with her feet today and I thought about what I’d be doing if I wasn’t with her. I miss my students and the classroom, but her feet are pretty great.
    We are lucky, though it’s a struggle (financially) to stay home. We’ve made several big changes but will have to continue fine-tuning our lifestyle to support our new lifestyle.


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