Eatwell says it all

Last winter we received Full Belly Farm's CSA. I discontinued it because we weren't using the vegetables well. Of course, I stopped right before the summer fruit explosion, but we just were cooking very much at that point. I was pregnant and tired all the time. Mister's partner had resigned, making him CEO of his company, holding even longer hours (if that was possible, which apparently it was). We ate out too often and ordered in too often. The meat from our Marin Sun Farms CSA stacked up impossibly high in the freezer. The "get rid of the meat" BBQs we had did not put enough of a dent into our stockpile.

That was last year.

I decided to get a CSA again to supplement our veggie in-take. After reading Jen Pahlka's blog post about vegetable dishes becoming centerstage, and laying my hands on a couple of cookbooks that I want to use (Mollie Katzen's is not one of them. Am I the only person who finds the handwritten recipes too annoying to follow. Damn, and I was so inspired when I heard her on NPR), I signed us up for Eatwell Farm's CSA. (My other option was Riverdog Farm whose boxes looked great. I can't exactly pinpoint what made me choose Eatwell, but its strong community base was part of it.)

IMG_2002We pick up our box about two blocks from our house, which is so very, very convenient. I've been thrilled not only with the bounty (kale, mixed braising greens, murcotts, Fuji apples), but I also like the newsletter that comes with the box. It contains three recipes, one of which I made on Sunday — the apple crisp which was oh, so easy and oh, so great, and a description of the vegetable/fruit and how to store it. Last week and this week we got amazing oranges. Holy jeepers were these babies sweet and juicy! Don't be fooled by the goofy shape, eat up, people!

 The box has included carrots every week. Last weekend, I looked at the what was an overabundance of carrots (some received while I was visiting my mom) and decided to make the carrot salad from Breakfast, Lunch, Tea. I do not like slaws in general, I do not like carrots in salad, but I loved thisIMG_2011 simple salad. So did our friend Mary, who ate two servings of it even though she does not normally like slaw-like salads, pumpkin seeds (which I toasted with sunflowers and added), or carroty things. Yum.

I used up the braising greens last night, sauteeing them lightly in sesame oil and green garlic (also from the box). I added the juice of an orange at the end. Delish! I put the greens under a pseudo-rice stir fry that I made from leftovers of a salad. The salad, inspired by a farro salad at Markethall, was easy-peasy (I knew I did not have to pay someone to make the farro for me … farro, carrots, something green, vinaigrette). I cooked up the farro, added pesto sauce, diced kohlrabi, celery, and spinach. It was great. But I have lots leftover. Last night, I tossed it in with some sesame oil and soy sauce, plus a couple of eggs. The dish was fabulous and filling.

Tonight I'll be having some curry butternut squash. Can't wait!

Eatwell says it all

One thought on “Eatwell says it all

  1. Jenny S says:

    The only cookbook I have needed to be completely thrilled with our CSA box (Riverdog) is the Alice Waters Vegetables book. Seriously. Tonight we had carrot and cilantro soup from said book and it blew us away. We should swap box newsletters sometime to share recipes!


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