Something You Might Like #3


BA, Aunty Cake, and I made pickled beets a month or two ago. Okay, they made them and I observed while nursing, soothing, walking Lentil. Anyway. In the run-up to the beets day, BA found Paul and Bernice Noll and their helpful tips for canning beets. Go for the recipes, stay for the videos. 

Let me reiterate. The carrot and seed salad from Breakfast, Lunch, Tea is fabulous.

Mister stumbled across this list
of one-day trips in the Bay Area. We’ve already been on a few, but I’m
getting the calendar out to schedule some for this spring and summer.
Berry picking? Check.

I love the feel of PlanToys (I do not love its website which is one big flash module) under PlanPreschool/Push-Pull toys you’ll find the woodpecker walker. I can’t wait.

Tucked under Ripple on the bed, notice one of these charmers. We can’t have a real dog (yet), but maybe I can have one of these?

I have to start at minor details for this ridiculous ooh, aah, covet covet maybe I can make that, oh hell no list of beauties. I admire the picks at minor details including, but not limited to, the qb children’s playhouse which, mid-range, is 749 Euros. Not likely to happen in our lifetime but wouldn’t it be delightful to have a playhouse out by the chickens? It looks like a little hobbit home, the kind in which a little girl the size of a Lentil could lose herself.

I suspect that several crafty folks could make the simple, elegant children’s clothes featured at camp and a few of you might take on this inventive romper at ModernChild. I’d like to think I could make those but until I move past sewing squares and make a few pairs of pants for Lentil, I’ll covet.

National Badger makes me smile. Its prints of animals might make you smile, too. Unfortunately, the only thing that works with Lentil’s real name is a sheep, and that’s because we like sheep.

When I was 10 weeks pregnant, I slipped down a flight of stairs at a friend’s house (are you okay? no. I mean, yes, but no.) The baby was fine but my pants were not. I came away with a slit in my underwear (very breezy now) and a rug-burn like wear on the left cheek. I love these pants. Now I’m going to mend them without use of a store-bought patch courtesy this mending lesson from Craft.

I can’t remember which blog sent me to Posie Gets Cozy and her incredible Ripple blanket, but wow! How lovely. It’s a spring morning. It helps the room is lovely and fabulous. Check under Covet for further inspiration.

For Fun
There are loads of mags and sites for parents. Add LMNOP to the list. Clever, sharp, snazzy, urban without being obnoxious.

Should you happen by and read this and have something you love, let me know.

(Susan Gibbs at Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm
instituted a weekly “Probably Something You Would Like” post that
features a handful of links to things that caught her eye during the
week. I love this idea.)

Something You Might Like #3

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