Don’t forget to floss

My mother is missing several of her adult teeth. Not because she’s a bar brawler or had their rotty little bits yanked, but because she simply never had them. My sister lacks something in the order of eleven adult teeth while I am short a mere seven. I do not have wisdom teeth, two bottom molars, nor one of my front bottom teeth.
This last was fixed with an implant my senior year in college. It required the original, baby tooth be yanked and replaced by a terminator-inspired spike set into a drilled hole in my lower jaw.
It was one for the books. My dentist photographed the process, which included making especially small drill bits fir my especially small jaw.
Eighteen years later, the tooth and spike are holding but in my molar regions, we got trouble.
The top molars continue to grow. The right one dropped below the other molar like stalactite. My teeth shifted and loosened like mad towards the end of my pregnancy as part of the “loosening up in anticipation of pyshjbg out your baby.” Annoying gaps between my front teeth are back. My right molar has “mobility.” Thus, I am getting a splint. This fashion shot was taken while I rinsed my mouth between moldings (two for the top, two for the bottom). When I was ready for the second rinse, the technician kindly suggested I wipe the excess putty from by face, lest it adhere there for days.
I love my elongated Goofy nose. Don't forget to floss

Don’t forget to floss

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