Something You Might Like #5

Maybe it was the record heat — 90+ on Monday, but this rendition of DoReMi brought tears to my eyes.

Mister and I were on a joint sci-fi kick, whipping through John Scalzi's entire collection (Old Man's War, The Ghost Brigades) in about a week. (Reading on the iPhone while nursing at 3am has boosted my reading greatly.) I like to balance out my books by having something fun, something I can pick up and put down, something thinky. Orangette's A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table was fun, I could put it up and put it down, and I've already made several recipes from her collection. Her writing is appealing, approachable, and sweet because she opens up to her readers. It is difficult not to identify with her stories about her father, or her first love, or her wedding. Read it for the recipes, the stories, or both. You won't be sorry.

When I was small, we'd listen to old radio shows on tape as our roadtrip entertainment. I loved the shows, including Ask Mr. Science. We played a lot of car games on those trips. I read a lot. Counted hundreds of license plates. Stared at the sky. In other words, I got to think, explore, goof around, talk to my parents. Enter a thought-provoking show for our kids. (Sure, Lentil's not even six months, but we're getting ready.) Boomerang, a downloadable weekly, explores big ideas (moral courage, greed, the stock market) and people (Shakespeare, Sophie Scholl, John Kennedy) in a way that invites children into the conversation.

Have you followed the births at Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm? The kids and lambs are sweet, sweet, sweet. But one of the best reads is this comment from another farmer regarding FF's blog and outreach to the community. If we want to eat food, buy goods from our community, we have to be involved in our community. It is easy to be trapped in our silos (a term often used by teachers to describe their isolation). Reach out, people. Lend a hand, visit, shop.

Finding blogs that are new to me is such a treat. Sometime recently I found MommyCoddle, which is new to me because, let's face it, last year at this time I was in teaching mode, writing my now off-line teaching blog, grading papers. Anyway. I enjoy so much about her posts, in the thoughtfulness of the writing and the projects. BaMa and I were talking yesterday about how folks are able to do so much. With Lentil starting to roll over, my so-called free time is limited. I aspire to be the creative, workshop toting mommy. MommyCoddle asked this week about family dinners. Check her question and the comments for a look at how folks are trying to have family dinners that include the whoel family. What a concept!

Via ThimblyThings, this video about love and loss. It's less than four minutes and a lovely way to pass those minutes.

MommyCoddle's birthday hangings are keepers.

When Mister and I were young, we both subscribed to Cricket, a magazine for children. I loved to read and reread my issues while tucked in my bedroom closet. Friends gave Lentil a one year subscription to Babybug and we love it. Lentil likes the poems and pictures. We like having new readings to slip into our favorites pile.

Before I started teaching, I worked as a "Water Wizard" through a local nature education center. I also went through docent training. Although I did not lead children's groups, because I was back in school and teaching, I keep hold of the future me taking kids on creek walks and plant explorations. The Magnifying Glass may soothe my science jones as we help Lentil explore our world.

Lentil refused bottles, but she has taken to the sippy cup like a champ. We're using a Born Free, but I'm intrigued by the Tilty (via ApartmentTherapy – ohdeedoh).

It's our first mother's day. My first mother's day. I haven't gotten a gift for my mother for a while as she claims she has everything she needs. (Operative word being "claims.") This lovely list from PurlBee should be mailed around the crafty mama world. Mmmm.

I'm not sure I actually covet this beautiful changing table, but I admire it. (In fact, I'm very happy with our set-up –table bolted to top of dresser — and wouldn't want another piece of furniture in the room, thanks.)

These ruffle pants made my day. Click. Picture them on a child. See, made your day, too.

No dangly earrings for Mama for a while, but if I could, they'd be these lovely things.

Should you happen by and read this and have something you love, let me know.

(Susan Gibbs at Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm instituted
a weekly "Probably Something You Would Like" post that features a
handful of links to things that caught her eye during the week. I love
this idea.)

Something You Might Like #5

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