Ground Meat, Meat, Meat

I pulled a packet each of veal, pork, lamb, and beef out of the freezer ostensibly to make some sort of delicious meat sauce. That didn't happen, so today I'm making Mister a meatloaf with the lamb using this recipe from the NYTimes (via
Here's the thing. I hate meatloaf. There are really, very few things I loathe: Salmon (cooked), kidneys (I've tried), cooked carrots, raisins (spawns of the devil, seriously). Add meatloaf to that list. My father, who was not a great cook but never claimed to be, sought the perfect meatloaf recipe, which meant a lot of experimentation, and a lot of taste testing. Give a kid something she doesn't really like, and make her try it often, et voila, let the loathing begin.
So it is a sign of my great love and affection for Mister that I am about to peel myself off the couch and head into the kitchen to make tacos (ground beef) and two types of meatloaf — so-called Middle Eastern Meatloaf (my Assyrian grandmother would laugh at this recipe) and another, more standard meatloaf, using the pork and veal.

Ground Meat, Meat, Meat

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