Wait,Wait: I’m a little late to the game

The radio tuner in my car is sad. It has poor reception and, owing to the air leak in the driver's side door (created when I allowed the door to snap off its hinge and dangle, requiring a welding fix which was cheaper than having the thing properly replaced) we can barely hear the radio, anyway. At home, our only radio, per se, is in our bedroom and is never used. Even the clock is ignored, covered by a pair of socks to save my eyes from its winking green face.
So, we listen to a lot of podcasts on our iPhones instead. This is awesome for so many reasons I don't know where to begin. Okay, here. Wait, wait don't tell me is on at 11am on Saturdays, I think. We're never sure, so when it was only on the radio, hearing it was haphazard happiness. With podcasts, Mister and I can listen to it whenever we like, together or separately, we can replay the bits we didn't hear clearly, we can keep episodes we especially like. For example, if you haven't heard Paula Dean, she's hilarious. Also very funny,
Recently Mo Rocce insulted the world of knitters by saying that homemade sweaters are itchy. Who can fault the guy? I have a few either itchy or ill-fitted sweaters that were lovingly knit by some faraway aunt.
These days, though, there are so many yummy yarns around, who, besides those who are actually allergic to wool, needs to itch from wool? To clear homemade knitting's name, a bunch of Ravelers, with the help of Berroco wizardress Norah Gaughan who donated the yarn and pattern, knit up a sweater and some other goodies for Mo. Maybe you've already seen this video, but if you haven't, here you go.

Wait,Wait: I’m a little late to the game

One thought on “Wait,Wait: I’m a little late to the game

  1. Katy says:

    have you listened to the Stuff you should know and Stuff you missed in History class podcasts? I have learned a LOT about the most random things


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