I like to nurse Lentil at night when it is quiet. The freeway and city noises drift away to peacefulness. I marvel at how small she is. Her head tucks into the palm of my not very big hand, her fingers close around one of mine, her legs curl around my waist. Sometimes she tickles me with one hand, a sleepy tickle.
Last night I stroked her hair and realized she's getting bigger faster than I imagined. She is nearly double her birth weight and several inches longer. She can sit up on her own. She rolls over cheerfully no matter how many times I plop her back on her belly.
She is her own person and I love watching her grow and learn but I'm sad, too, for the baby that's growing away. I waited for the right person to marry and have children and then we needed a little help. I waited for a long time to be pregnant, to have the baby.
Everyone said it would go fast and it does.


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