Sunshine Madness

Lentil's Sunshine dress is taking far too long to complete. For such a straightforward pattern, I've created several gaffs that set me back. Let's review:

  • Cast on and knit on the 3s when I should have been on 5s (frogged after 9 inches and started over).
  • Cast on with long tail, achieved the scalloped bottom for the back piece; cast on with knit cast on and achieved a straight edge. Ripped out the ribbing on the back piece and made it the front, finished the front piece as the back.
  • Picked up stitches round the neck, knit a row (which is purled on RS), cast off, thought it looked strange. Went to bed. This morning I ripped out the neck edging, went back and seamed the right shoulder because the whole thing made a big gray cloud in my mamabrain. Tried to get the stitches onto the 3s I used for the project, but it's a 40" circular so I've just switched to DPNs while adding the stitches from the back. (I get that none of this makes sense unless you've knit this thing, but you get the gist — I mucked up the neck loads. It'll look fine, but sheesh!)
  • I'm sure there's another bullet point coming as I'm about to finish the neck and embark on the armhole edging. Again, the directions make no sense to me logically. How can you do all the armhole edgings when the armholes are on opposite sides of the dress?

That said, when I do this again, in a different, brighter, more Lentil-like color, I will knit it up in the round as it seems silly not to. Could be a disaster, but I've got some experience with disaster knitting.

Sunshine Madness

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