Something You Might Like #6

If I were commuting on BART, I'd hope to enjoy a swing now and again.

Mister's company overhauled its UI and launched an iPhone app. What busy beavers they are. Trying to sort out your finances? See if Wesabe can help.

Tea towel skirts? Yes, please!

Get Out
Need a list of places to visit in San Francisco (maybe I should cook up my own list for Oakland/East Bay)?

Mister and I gave Comcast the boot, opting for movies via Netflix (and Roku), Hulu, boxee, and so on. I like to have something on when I'm knitting so I feel a little less like a shut-in. Of late, it's been Fringe, which isn't great but does the trick. GM seems to be Fringe's best friend, with multiple showings of the same ad (gah!) but TOMS slipped in with an ad that may have been for AmEx, I'm not sure. In any case, I was curious about the company. Buy a pair of TOMS and the company gives away a pair. Really. Check the inspiring Shoe Drop video.

We don't have a tree big enough to hang this fantastic tire swing, but if we did, I'd be after the one listed on my local parents list. I'll keep this link handy for when we do have our very own giant tree that needs a tireswinginghorse.

Read or Make? A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table by Molly Wizenburg is delightful, thoughtful reading. Wizenburg uses stories from her life to high-light the foods that go with it.

John Scalzi writes fast, fun, thinking science-fiction. You could start with the light but worthy Agent to the Stars
or head straight to the first of his trilogy with Old Man's War.

Something You Might Like #6

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