Something You Might Like #7

Chris Jordan's beautiful photos that reflect (to me) math in nature. Bill Moyers recently did a piece on Jordan that provides some insight into his work.

In truth, I do not have to covet this "Queen Bee" shirt because I own one and my friend Alicia, who owns this company, sent one to Lentil when she was born. (She also has an "I rock" onesie that sports a rocking horse.)

From our friend Arwen O'Reilly (from, liven up your day with Facetape, pieces of tape that become a beard, moustache, eyebrows. Good times.

I can't keep up with my knitting as is, and I have a backlog of patterns for Lentil, but still, several of the reworked patterns in Vintage Baby Knits look fabulous and I will likely cast on the this Blossom Cardi from Berroco.

Amy Adele (via MommyCoddle) are having a 20% sale for Teacher Appreciation Week. Nice!

On Wednesday night, I cleared off the basement desk. No mean feat as it was buried under old computer equipment, random school projects, insurance papers from the pregnance, odd pens, and loads of shreddable documents. But! It's done and now I can get the sewing maching and my swift set up. Sewing starters are primarily for Lentil — a couple of skirts, a douvet for the down comforter. But as I'm adding to my reperatoire of sewing skills, I'll refer to Sew, Mama, Sew regularly. My desire to sew for myself started with this dress at all buttoned up.

What better way to immortalize your child's best moments than funny haha greeting cards. Angry Chicken has some doozies.

If you have girls, consider cracking open Stephen Hinshaw's The Triple Bind which addresses the many pressures girls face today. I nod as I read his words and picture individual students who are in the situations he describes.

Something You Might Like #7

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