Six Months: Kachow!

Lentil is sitting up nice and tall these days. It took a few days of practice: soft pillows all around to catch her when she tipped. We think she's teething though her pediatrician said no teeth when we saw her a couple of weeks ago. Still, she's chewing on everything, including jawbones. She gave her aunty a nice round hickey after a jaw-sucking episode.


I hoped to take her swimming yesterday when she hit six months, but she slept through the session. (Just as well as I heard it was packed and the regular instructor was not there.) Mister and I picked up a box of Earth's Best Rice Cereal to start solids today. This means I have to pull out the pump and start pumping again to mix breast milk in with the cereal. Pumps be cursed.
So, for six months, here's what our little Lentil is up to:

  • rolls over from front to back, effectively ending tummy time in favor of rolling over time
  • scoots like an upside down inchworm all around in search of toys
  • sits up, even in the bathtub (with a hand nearby as precaution)
  • drools like a fiend
  • holds toys in two hands and practicing passing from one to the other
  • turns off her bedroom light at night
  • helps turn pages in her books
  • makes us laugh
Six Months: Kachow!

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