After an exceedingly difficult morning of exhausted nap strikes, Lentil drifted off for a snack nap sometime around 11:15. This after more than 90 minutes of shrieking, sobbing, leg thumping. Lest you think I am cruel and practicing the art of child abandonment, I have heard of Dr. Sears, yes, and more than half that time was spent soothing, cuddling, and rocking.
In other words, this morning sucked.
Other special moments: lentil breaking into fresh tears and shudders as we approached her bedroom. She calmed down when I assured her it was for quiet play.
At 12:45 I dropped her at a friend's house to try out our new babysitting trade. Two mamas watch three babies for a few hours.
It is and will be a good idea if I can be sure to use the time for me. This far, I've tried to resolve lunch (this morning compounded by hunger) and have traded in a few books for new books for Juniper.
When you are never alone, suddenly being alone can be a little lonely.
Practice will help with this feeling.


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