Room for One More?

The Milo Foundation, a non-profit (and entirely donation-funded) animal rescue needs a little rescuing of its own. Since the economy tanked, it seems that people are abandoning their pets either through necessity, or, well … Milo has found dogs in foreclosed homes. Get the picture?
BaMa's family has gotten its dogs from Milo and she's now fostering pups (basically surviving through their deworming period until they are ungoopy and ready for adoption). Her brother recently adopted a fantastic husky blend, a dog I would have loved to have as our first if we could have a dog in our house.
Milo never puts down a cat or a dog. Wow. The foundation even rescued a horse (who is ready for adoption). You can search their dogs and cats online and find out a lot of information about them. I did a search for small dogs and came up with these results. I am keen on Moe and Juliet. Something about their ears.

Room for One More?

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