Something You Might Like #8

Creating a new blog is a bit like the tree falling in the forest, as I told PahlkaDot yesterday, it can be lonely even if the reason I started this blog was to work out some writing kinks. My former blog, a teaching blog (Are We Doing Anything Today? which I took down last fall), had a steady following. But, when Mister and I started working on getting pregnant, and I was working on not going crazy while trying to get pregnant, a few things were shelved.
Anyway. My rambling introduction is to excuse my missing the last two Fridays of SYML and to toss this one on the fire today, Memorial Day, even though it is not a Friday. Timber! It may not matter.

I didn't need to make chocolate chip cookies today, but I've been thinking about them for weeks after reading this recipe at Friend to Knit With. I like Leslie Friend's blog for lots of reasons including her fabulous photography. But I also like her vibe, her kitchen, and that she makes cookies for her kids — each week one of them gets to choose the recipe. MIster is the king of the chocolate chip cookie (we even gave away the recipe and spice packets for his special version as our wedding favors; his cousin made them. They are beautiful) but I can hold my own. Extra vanilla is never a bad thing.

Kits will be available soon, but for those intrepid enough to try this sugar city loom at home, check this lovely wall piece from sugar city journal. Sweet for a girl's room. I bet a boy's version would be fab.

My sewing machine is finally back together (that's another post), but even so, I'm not sure full on quilting will ever be my thing. I'd like to be, but I recognize I can't make everything. In case I don't figure out quilts, I can fall back on Maggie and Sparrow's lovelies such as Cherry Blossom.

If I lived in Vancouver, I'd visit Urban Resource, for sure.

Whales seem to be popping up in curious places this week. The Yarn Harlot spotted a whale from her hotel room and tweeted as she sorted whether it was a rock or whale. (Whale.) MommyCoddle made fabulous whale art with her kids. I looked for the book (Hand-Print Animal Art (Williamson Kids Can! Series)) on Amazon and found it and several others. I can't wait for Lentil to be a little bigger! (But not too soon!)

I camped last summer at six months pregnant, so why not this summer with an eight month old? We have two camping trips in the works, but if you're in the Bay Area, and want to dip a toe into the camping waters, try the Great American Backyard Campout at Joaquin Miller Park. Kids five and up only. We'll do our own gigs this year.

It is Memorial Day today, a holiday that too often gets the bum rush from folks unless we have family in the military. Map the Fallen uses Google Earth to map American and Coalition soldiers who died in Iraq or Afghanistan and provides a profile of the soldier.

Something You Might Like #8

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